Leading Ladies Value chain of impact:story telling

I know so many women who introduce themselves as though they are apologizing for something. When I’m one-on-one with them, they sparkle. They glow. But then a stranger asks them, “What do you do?” and it’s like the lights go out. No more glow. No more sparkle. They mumble their answer, throwing it away— apologizing, it seems, for taking up your time. (Amanda Hirsch, founder of Mighty Forces.)
Most time when analysing the tide of growth and development women seems to be ,  unnoticed, unappreciated and almost irrelevant not because they are outrightly absent in the process but their portion of contributions is usually over ridden by the usual …. the society has towards women’s involvement. 
While this act limits the projections of women Positivity, it also rid the society of the benefit of Enjoying the full value-chain of Women’s impact in her world, it shield the world from seeing the connections of women to growth hereby causing an harmful reduction in the number of betterness that the world would have experienced. 
There was a first woman doctor, a first female CEO, a first woman athlete and simply the first woman who fought for the right to her education or her right to step out of her home. But every generation need not go through these fights.
If each generation has to fight the same battles, women will never be able to move forward.

And that is why stories are important. Women who have moved ahead in life need to share their stories with more women around them. This cloak of silence around what happens in women’s minds and bodies and in their subsequent personal and professional journeys has to come out; the stories have to be heard by other women.

This Leading Ladies Value chain of impact:story telling focuses on the positive effect of womens contribution to their world and will help me inspire and model the value of development storytelling to numerous women in the world.