Every Woman Has A Pulpit

Every Woman has a pulpit, only that audience differ.
Your audience might not be like your friends own and your friends might not be part of your
audience, but it doesn’t delete the fact that you have an audience.
Your audience are people who live after your spoken and unspoken words, they are the people
who you influence with your words and lifestyle.

They are watching you closely and are either getting substance or debris, from you. It’s either
you are feeding them or starving them, is either they find comfort or distress in you, the truth is
as they listen to what is coming from you, you are influencing them in some ways.
Every position of influence you occupy as a woman is your Pulpit.
Pulpit is an elevated platform, whatever elevated status you have as a woman is a pulpit, so the
question is what are you saying on your pulpit?
Types of Pulpit that women speak from.

The Formal Pulpit

This is Official and only a few are speaking from it. This has to do with a position of authority
given by human, society of accompaniment, all official tittles fall within this category, President,
Governor, Minister, Pastor, Professor, Chives, Dr, C.E.O, Director the list is so long.
They are elevated pulpit based on professional demand, your audience are your subordinates and
every other person looking up to you professionally.
On this pulpit you constantly speak two different things consciously or unconsciously. You
speak possibilities or impossibilities. Whatever you are achieving in the office is speaking
possibilities and whatever you are failing at is speaking limitations.
It is not just an office it is a pulpit, God placed you there for a definite reason, have you found it?
If yes what are you doing with it?

The Informal Pulpit

Just as the name implies, this is not official, but it is the most powerful because it is the
preparation ground for the Formal pulpit, this is where ever women starts from, and due to the
patriarchal state of the world, this is where most women belong.
As a woman, your gender will put you on one or all of these Pulpit in your lifetime, a Daughter,
a Wife, and a Mother.
These 3 are elevated platforms.
A daughter is the gift of a female child that God gives to humanity. she is always cute and sweet
to behold, without her normal life is not complete as She is the only hope of the continuity of
woman hood, what a precious being. Growing as a daughter you have influence over you

parents, siblings and society. If you turn out well in life, they will be fulfilled and proud of raising you.

A wife is a good thing that proves God’s favor to a Man, without her a Man with all his
masculinity is incomplete and can’t reproduce his lineage. This assignment is too sacred for any
woman to fail at it. You are meant to make a home with this pulpit. You should be beaming with
warmth and blessing on this pulpit. Your husband is the Chief audience in this platform and he
need to hear favor from you at all times.
A mother, she is a priceless jewel, she is virtues and blessed carrier and bearer of lives.
As a Mother, your family is your audience why because you are not just meant to birth
the children, you are to raise them too and today, children learn better by watching and listening
to you.
They are watching your actions and inactions and this is informing them about how they will
live. You are communicating a lot to them so they are your audience
We are who we are today because of the spoken and unspoken words of our Mother’s, and we
must make conscious effort to continue speaking right to our audience so they can be proud of
who they will become tomorrow.
Each of these pulpits comes with great and irreplaceable influence that any woman occupying
them should be much mindful of.
What pulpit do you currently occupy and how have you been impacting lives from it?